Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spin the Globe

Now that we’ve broken the snow record in Boston it’s time to think about spring and summer vacation plans. I’m yearning to travel the world, but my husband and I are booked solid with family events. This year our vacation time will be spent travelling to two weddings, two Bar Mitzvahs, two high school graduations and an 85th birthday party. I’m happy to be included in so many wonderful milestones, but did they all have to take place in the same year?

Meanwhile my sister-in-law and her family are leaving next week for a glamorous trip to Amsterdam and Barcelona. My friend Joannie has booked a trip to the Azores in June where she will explore her Portuguese heritage. My friend Eleanor is taking a river cruise in December to visit the Bavarian Christmas markets. Somehow, my vacation plans just don’t measure up.

The last time I went to Europe was more than 20 years ago. I went to London and visited lots of great museums. I also took advantage of the discounted theater prices and saw several shows, including Starlight Express, a musical done entirely on rollerblades.

My husband is more well-travelled than I am and has been to England, Scotland, France, Holland, and Israel. If I get to pick our next vacation, I’d love to go to Italy and take some cooking classes. Mike is eager to go to Costa Rica and check out the rain forest.

Where will your vacation plans take you this year? Will you be travelling abroad? What countries have you visited? Where would you like to go next?


  1. Hmm so many lovely places to visit. I have been fortunate enough to travel to some gorgeous parts of our world. My husband not so much he is more of a homebody. Our vacation plans we are going to take a driving trip to visit my family in Oregon, and hopefully get to see some of the sites along the way. Just not the world's larges ball of twine! Shucks!

  2. I've been to Mexico and Canada. Yup, big traveller here! Our vacation plans are simple, out of state wedding, which is a whole three hours away and an hour south zoo visit and kiddie museum later this summer.

  3. as long as we travel with poodle, it's car vacations for us. There is always the Sienna Italy week long class with E. Austin, exotic enough for you girl??
    I also want to visit Italy and Spain. Maybe one day. LeeAnna